Wooden Laminate Flooring has a layered construction.
A. Wear Layer : This easy-to-clean surface contains aluminium oxide which protects the floor from stains, fading and wear. Look for an Abrasion classification (AC) rating of at least 3 for adequate residential use protection
B. Image Design Layer : A photographic image of wood, stone, or virtually anything you can imagine.
C. Inner Core layer : The core provides the Floor’s structural strength and stability. It is made from High-Density Fiberboard [HDF]. The core is often impregnated with a plastic resin called melamine to increase the floor’s strength, stability and resistance to moisture. Products that have high levels of melamine do not require acclimation before installation.
D. Backing layer : Found beneath the inner core, the backing is made with resin saturated paper. It creates a moisture barrier that protects the floor from warping.

Armstrong Laminate Floors are available in
1. Ambience Plus & Premium,
2. Ethos HS & EIR,
3. Abode &
4. Grand Illusion



* Wooden Laminate Flooring – AC4
* Thickness – 8 MM

AMBIENCE PLUS & AMBIENCE PREMIUM : Ambience Plus & Ambience Premium is Stylish, Durable and Affordable range in Laminate Flooring. Richly textured and deeply grained, these planks range from contemporary colours to rustic shades of hardwood floors. Micro bevel edges are provided in some of the shades to accentuate each plank.
Durable commercial AC4 wear layer resists stains, fading, scuffs and scratches and is guaranteed for 15 years for residential applications. No need to remove old material or use glue as it comes complete with locking system.
Features : * Realistic embossing, * Hi-definition print technology – the most realistic looking laminate in the market, * vibrant color, intense depth, * Bevelled edge to accentuate each plank.



* Wooden Laminate Flooring – AC3
* Thickness – 7 MM

Abode : Go ahead, Look Closer, Beauty like this demands a second glance. And Armstrong wooden laminate flooring maintains the illusion, even up close. It’s all there: the subtle colour variations, the distinctive grain, the authentic texture. We have captured the dramatic beauty and design sophistication of the finest natural hardwood. All that’s missing is the premium price tag. The beauty of an Armstrong wooden laminate floor is no fleeting mirage. It’s durable as it is captivating, standing up to the punishment of the children, pets and everyday life with promise of the industry’s best warranty.
Features : *Natural embossing / Grain embossing, * Economical and durable * Easy to Install with Uniclic technology, * Two different install options – angle & snap. * Anti Cracking noise feature avoids creaking noises when walking on a floor.



* Wooden Laminate Flooring – AC4
* Thickness – 10mm

ETHOS – HS / EIR : The mesmerizing beauty of Ethos Laminate Flooring not only invites appreciation but also evokes a desire to touch it. Its two variations EIR (embossed in Register) and HS (Hand Sculpted) are a treat both to your eyes and touch.
While EIR’s realistic embossing takes you into a world of small ridges and tiny impressions, HS surprises you with irregular undulations. Their subtle color variations, distinctive grain, realistic features, embossed texture mimic the natural world. Each design reflects sophistication with true sincerity to nature, well suited for your business workspace.
Tough as nature, Ethos Laminate Flooring survives through generations of scratching, rubbing, spillage, etc. Also is unique Aqua Seal layer, which employs wax, protects it against water spills.



* Wooden Laminate Flooring-AC3
* Thickness – 12mm

GRAND ILLUSION : Grand Illusions Premium Laminate floors have the compelling, rich qualities of hardwood from faraway places. Create the illusion of a tropical hardwood floor without the impact on the forest. All at a price you can afford. Grand Illusions is a statement in design, performance and environmental responsibility. Achieve the ultimate in luxury laminate flooring with stunning domestic and tropical hardwood designs in vibrant shades complete with a flawless finish and micro bevels. Create a statement with Grand Illusions for a truly unique and polished look.