Wall Covering – Dekwall

Fascinating Walls – With Comfort of Cork

The Uniqueness of Deckwall Wall Coverings was achieved by integrating two cork layers with different purposes. The thicker layer is made with agglomerated cork and is used as a backing, providing superior comfort, noise reduction and warmth. The decorative veneer is a thin sheet of cork, created by combining various shapes of natural cork, achieving genuine and authentic visuals full of personality. For increased protection, the visual is coated with a waxed or varnished finishing.

More than just a Beautiful Floor

More Silence : Cork’s natural Properties make it an excellent sound absorber. It reduces noise transmission between and within Rooms, creating a quieter and peaceful environment in your home.
More Warmth : The unique cork thermal insulation features of cork provide an optimal floor temperature all year round, assuring a more warm and comfortable ambience with energy cost savings.
More Durability : Cork cells are also Extremely Crush-resistant. Cork has natural memory and will bounce back from hard impacts, retaining its elasticity. These properties combined with an extra wear resistance surface, create a very durable floor, preserving a perfect look for many years to come.
More Sustainability : The Cork Oak is never damaged by the harvesting. Making cork ideal in terms of ever increasing demand for conservation of natural resources.
More Unique Designs : Perfection and harmony can only be found in nature. The Cork fascinating and distinct natural shapes gives a special touch to the interior wall decoration, creating unique spaces full of style and charm.


Different Designs, Shades, with Sizes :