Acousticork – Underlays

The Reinvention of Comfort and Energy Efficiency : Acoustic, anti-vibratic and thermal insulation are key characteristics when it comes to maximizing comfort and achieving greater energy efficiency.

Easy to install, Natural, Sustainable, with proven technical qualities, Acousticork solutions are a high performance alternative to synthetic products. It provides solutions for different types of final flooring like :
● Floating
● Glued Down Wood
● Carpets
● Vinyl/Linoleum
● Ceramic or Natural Stone.

The Acousticork range of products comes in 9 lines :
1. Underlays
2. Underscreeds
3. Heated Floor
4. Batten Supports
5. Waterproof Membrane
6. Masonry Supports
7. Granulated cork for Mortars
8. Partition Walls
9. Wall and Ceiling Coverings.


Floating Solutions : This easy to install comes in 2mm, to 9.5mm, in Rolls – Various Designs & shades
Features :
● Footfall noise reduction
● Impact Noise Reduction
● Thermal Insulation
● Extended Durability
● Long Term Resilient System
● Walking Comfor
● Sustainable Product.



Different Designs, Shades, with Sizes :