Seamless [Jointless] Ceiling Systems

Jointless [Seamless] Ceiling System : Depending on requirement and features Jointless ceiling can be achieved using Gypsum Boards – Plain, Moister Resistant, Fire Retardant, & Duraline Boards or Hilux – Calcium Silicate Boards. This form of suspended ceiling provides a continuous and joint less surface with the internal appearance of a conventional ceiling. They may be selected to fulfill fire resistance requirements or to provide a robust form of suspended ceiling.


Gyp Board Ceiling

Hilux [Calcium Silicate] Ceiling


Metal frame suspended Ceiling System, regular (single layer)

Framing Options –
herein after referred as

Gyproc – 1. Gypsteel Ultra, 2. Gypframe [Truesteel], 3. Gypframe – XPERT,
Others – Good Quality G.I Sections

Boarding Options :
herein after referred as

Gypsum – 1. Gryproc Plain Boards, 2. Duraline Boards, 3. MR Boards, 4. FR Boards
Hilux –Calcium Silicate – 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm Boards


Framing System :
Providing and fixing M/F suspended ceiling, which includes Desired F.O. surface ribbed perimeter channels (having one flange of 20mm and another flange of 30mm and a web of 27mm) along the perimeter of ceiling, screw fixed to brick wall/partition with the help of nylon sleeves and screws, at 610mm centers. Then suspending Desired F.O. surface ribbed intermediate channels of size 45mm (with two flanges of 15mm each) from the soffit at 1220mm centers with Desired F.O. surface ribbed ceiling angle of width 25mm x 10mm fixed to soffit with GI cleat and steel expansion fasteners. The Desired F.O. surface ribbed ceiling section of having web of 51.5mm and two flanges of 26mm each with lips of 10.5mm are then fixed to the Desired F.O. Intermediate channel with the help of connecting clip and in direction perpendicular to the Desired F.O. intermediate channel at 457mm centers.

Boarding System :
Desired B.O Single layer of Desired B.O is then screw fixed to ceiling section with 25mm drywall screws at 230mm centers. Screw fixing is done mechanically either with screw driver or drilling machine with suitable 230mm centers. Screw fixing is done mechanically either with screw driver or drilling machine with suitable attachment. The boarding is to be done keeping a gap of 2 mm from all sides of the boards and making a 3 mm tapered edge on the two sides of the boards. A. (15mmx25mm “Acrobat Slim” straight rail for hanging light fixtures to be installed in by contractor with necessary support system in the framing above). B. Necessary support system for hanging signages)

Jointing & Finishing Method :
Finally the boards are to be joined and finished so as to have a flush look which includes filling and finishing square edges of the boards with requisite Jointing Compund and Paper / Fiber Tape.
Other Detailed Specifications on request.