Modular Ceilings

Modular Ceiling System : Effective building design requires balancing multiple objectives: aesthetics, acoustics, environmental factors, and integration with the building’s infrastructure—not to mention cost of construction as well as long-term operation costs. Depending on requirement and features Modular [Exposed Grid] ceiling can be achieved using Armstrong, Hilux, Gyproc or Everest Products.

Modular Grid Ceiling System

Framing Options –
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Armstrong – (1) 24mm Prelude, (2) 15mm Suprafine, (3) 15mm Silhoute White/Black
Gyproc – (1) 24mm Matrix (2) 14mm Micro White/Black (3)15mm Bolt Slot
Others – Good Quality (1) 24mm Precoated (2) 15mm Precoated (3) Silhoute Precoated.

Boarding Options :
herein after referred as

Armstrong : (1) Mineral Fiber, (2)Metal, (3)Wooden & (4) ArmGyp
Gyproc : (1) Casoprano (2) Gyprex (3) Gyptone (4) Mineral Fiber
Hilux : (1) Hilux 6mm Tiles (2) Hilux Calsi
Everest : (1) Plain Tiles (2) Designer Tiles


Framing System :
Fixing Desired F.O Pre-coated grids using main runner spaced at 600mm centers fixed to soffit by Approved Suspension Sytem – hangers at 1200mm distance. First and last hangers should not be at a distance more than 450mm from the adjacent wall. 600mm Cross Tee to be interlocked between main runner at 600mm centers to form 600mmx600mm modules. OR / AND 600mm Cross Tee to be interlocked between main runner at 1200mm centers to form 1200mmx600mm modules. Wall angle to be screwed to wall periphery at 450mm centers.

Boarding System :
Desired B.O Tiles, size 2’x2’ OR / AND 4’x2’ can be laid on above Grid as per requirement.
Other Detailed Specifications on request.