Daiken Corporation, Japan

After World War II, with need for building material to rebuilding Japan, Daiken Founded in 1945, with founders passion for “manufacturing raw materials for reconstruction as well as wood sawing product, hoping to aid in the rebuilding for the sake of Japanese society and the daily lives of the people”. Now the Company focus on three pillars of Sustainability : Human, Environmental & Innovation for better tomorrow.


DAIKEN responded to the needs of the times for Noncombustible Materials – Released Mineral Fiber Boards during 1964, Designated by the Ministry of Construction (the current Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism) as a certified supplier of fire prevention materials, DAIKEN secured a nationwide market share in the year following the product release.


DAIKEN Ceilings are made from selected mineral rockwool fibers (a cotton-like substance produced from several kinds of stones, mixed with blast furnace slag) and special binders.  The mineral rockwool fibers uniformly interwoven by the unique wet-felting process to form DAIKEN Ceilings. As DAIKEN Ceilings has porous properties with a low specific gravity,  they exhibit efficient thermal insulation and sound absorption qualities, while resisting sound transmission more effectively than glass fiber products.


1. Outstanding Fire Resistance : Daiken Mineral Ceiling Board is made by non-combustible & non-toxic materials. When contact with fire, the ceiling tile will not emit toxic gas, melt or get deformed.
2. Sound Absorption : Daiken Mineral ceiling board with superior sound absorption adequately absorbs the sound and creates a comfortable reverberant sound.
3. Effective Thermal Insulation : Thermal Insulation Material in the Daiken Boards are against the heat 6 times better than Gypsum Board, which means the AC can cool the area faster and maintain constant temperature, resulting in cost efficient feature.
4. Light Reflectance Feature : Daiken Ceiling with excellent light reflectance properties & special paint are designed to reflect over 0.80% of the light striking the surface which also leads to cost effective lighting, particularly when combined with indirect lighting.
5. Ceiling Attenuation Class [CAC] : Rates a ceiling structure’s efficiency as a barrier to airborne sound intrusion between two closed rooms. [According to a survey of CAC values CAC ranging from 15-25 is considered low, from 25 to 30 is considered good, From 30 to 34 is considered very good and above 34 is considered excellent.] Daiken mineral fiber board has CAC of 36.
6. Non Asbestos : Daiken began developing eco-friendly materials 50 years ago, all Daiken Ceiling Materials do not contain Asbestos.
7. 10 Years Guarantee : Daiken offers a 10 year guarantee against visible sagging up to 50 degree Celsius and 99% relative humidity for Excel-Tone MR Series.


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