Vinyl Composite Tile Flooring


Armstrong’s most popular tile visual. Imperial Series has been proven in tens of thousands of commercial applications over the past years. The key to Imperial Series popularity is unbeatable quality and performance at an economical price.We’ve refreshed the visual and the colours over the years to keep current with design trends,but still have the tried and tested true colors and patterns that have made Imperial Series the standard of VCT industry.



* Thickness = 2.00mm
* Homogeneous Vinyl Composite Tile

EXCELON IMPERIAL [VCT]: Color and design are “through-pattern” to last the lifetime of the floor. Easy installation and low installed price with excellent durability. Superior edging and squareness offers near seamless visual. Available in three gauges to meet a range of performance and budget needs. A value-priced tile flooring catering to all commercial use. 16 colours. Offers more choice for design. Applications: all commercial spaces & education.