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Metal Frames and Accessories

Gyproc false ceilings and drywalls are lightweight and easy to install. Besides enhancing the beauty of any interior space, they also provide better acoustics, fire protection and thermal insulation. They are 100% recyclable.

A drywall or false ceiling system has a strong spine of GI metal framework with plasterboard as its face. The metal framework gives the system its strength, long life and enhanced performance. Any compromise on the quality of the metal components can lead to permanent system failure.

The Gypsteel ULTRA advantage
Gypsteel ULTRA metal components and accessories come with the assurance of quality from Gyproc. Gypsteel ULTRA is manufactured through a cold rolled pre-forming process that locally work-hardens the base material, and provides great strength to the false ceiling and drywall systems.

Gypsteel ULTRA is made of special high-performance steel that undergoes stringent quality checks and controls to ensure correct and consistent base material for further profiling. The steel comes in rolled coils to maintain the proper thickness throughout its length. Quality checks ensure correct selection of material for strength and corrosion resistance. The steel sheet is work-hardened by passing it through a teethed roller with a patented design from Hadley which gives a typical unique knurling pattern on the surface. This knurling pattern is a key identifier of genuine Gypsteel ULTRA from Gyproc.

Advantages and benefits of Gypsteel ULTRA
• Increased load carrying capacity of as high as 36%
• Improved screw retention of 17% and increased spring tension of 30%.
• The unique knurling design improves sound insulation by 10% and fire resistance by 33%.
• Faster, safer and easier to install and cut
• Increased friction fitting
• No screw stripping or screw riding
• Sight lines on flanges for more precise joints
• Improved productivity and quality
• Tighter stud to track friction fitting
• Improved safety by reducing sharp edges and lips


GI Metal Framing for Partitions

F & Ceiling Channel ‘C’Stud Acou Stud Noggin Channel I Stud Retaining Channel

Designed for securing wall studs at floor and ceiling junctions. Fixed to floor and ceiling to accommodate Gypsteel ULTRA studs

Used as the vertical support in wall framing.

Used as the vertical support in wall framing. This is a specialist stud for high acoustic performance.

Designed for horizontal support between the C-stud, helps in electrical switch fitting, fire rated partitions for preventing fires from spreading.
Available length: 695/492/390

Used for shaftwall applications, industrial partitions, independent wall lining.

Used with I-stud for fixing the board on the other side, eliminating the need to screw the board with the stud.

The Framing is available in various Dimensions of 50, 72, 94, 148mm [Floor & Ceiling Channel] for various thickness of partitions. The other items dimension varies accordingly.

The M/F suspended Ceiling Metal Accessories are available in Gypsteel Ultra & Truesteel Qualities to choose from depending on system requirement and economy.

Ceiling Section Perimeter Channel Intermediate Channel Ceiling Angle

The main supporting section to fix plasterboard

Fix around walls / partitions

Primary section to support the ceiling section

To provide suspensions from the structural soffit

Gypliner Range

Gypliner Channel Section Fixing Bracket Angle Channel Connector

Main supporting section to fix plasterboard

Used as a bracket to hold Gyplyner section from the structural soffit

Fixed around wall / partitions

To increase the length of Gyplyner channel section

For Exposed Grid Ceiling the Framing is available in Regular, Silhouette and Bolt-Slot Grid to choose from depending on design and requirements.

Main Tee – 12Ft Cross Tee – 2 Ft & 4 Ft Wall Angle – 10 Ft.

To hold cross T-section

To be inserted in main T-sections to form modules

Fixed around the wall / partitions

Other Accessories

Connecting Clip Rawl Plug Soffit Clit Dry Wall Screws

Used to connect ceiling section or U section to intermediate channel or tube section respectively

Expandable fastener to hold the ceiling

To hold the ceiling angle/MS flat/level clip suspensions of framework from the structural soffit

Corrosion resistant self-tapping zinc plated steel screws with countersunk cross-heads, supplied with screw driver bits.
To fix plasterboard to metal framework

Metal to Metal Screws Angle Bead Edge Bead Gyproc Pro Fill

Gypsum and polymer based powdered air-drying jointing product with a drying time of six to eight hours.
Gyproc Paper Tape
Paper tape with centre crease, chamfered edges and spark perforation for easy use in internal angle joints. Provides excellent crack resistance; designed for reinforcing flat joints and internal angles manually. Also used for joint reinforcing plaster finishes to plasterboard.
Gyproc Fiber Tape
Self-adhesive fibre tape. Eliminates blisters and bubbles. Can be effectively used for quick jointing of plasterboards.

Used for channel screwing, metal screws with wafer thin head.

Perforated galvanized metal bead for reinforcing external 90° angles where maximum protection is required

Galvanized metal bead, having an asymmetric profile with one perforated leg to accommodate jointing material. It is used to protect the exposed and unsupported edges of plasterboard. Also used to form perimeter detail to cover the edges of plasterboard

Details with Specifications available on request.