Greenlam Clads

Greenlam – Clads [Exterior Cladding] :


After beautifying the Globe with magnum opus, Greenlam now endeavors to adorn the world with its revolutionary exterior panels ‘CLADS’ These stunning exterior surfacing panels are designed to make your exteriors enthralling and gripping. Clads Exterior Grade compact laminates comes with a revolutionary unmatched GLE Technology that makes them that makes them fade-resistant, weather-proof and fire-resistant

Suitable for vertical applications, ideal for rear-ventilated facades, facade claddings, balcony claddings, partitions, railings, fences, attic claddings, ceilings, public facilities, playgrounds and sports facilities.

Greenlam Clads is a versatile product which finds usage at any and every place which calls for withstanding exterior climate.


Greenlam CLADS – Introduction, Brochure :
Greenlam CLADS – An Introduction
Greenlam CLADS – E-Brochure