Expansion/Contraction Joint Filler


Expandacork – Expansion Contraction – Joint Filler

Expandacork : Expandacork Products are especially formulated for expansion joints in concrete construction. Designed to fill the gaps between expansion joints in concrete slabs, Expandacork products absorb the vibrations, expansions and contraction caused by heat in the different construction material. The dilation joints enable the movement of structures without causing damage and ensuring these spaces are always filled. Thus, they are commonly applied in Major works such as bridges, tunnels, Water storage and supply systems, Dams. aqueducts and airports.

The Advantages of Expandacork to the construction industry : The product’s Unique flexibility enables not only its deployment but also its capacity to resist, and without any deterioration, the continuous deformations caused by different climatic conditions and thermal ranges while always ensuring the joints remains appropriately filled. The additional advantages of cork, such as its high durability and resilience and its resistance against water, oil and acid turn Expandacork into a unique resource due to both its sustainability and technical performance.



Different Designs, Shades, with Sizes :