Everest – Solid Wall Panel Partition system

Everest Solid Wall Panels offer efficient construction with the promise of Strength, Speed and Safety. These panels are a revolutionary dry wall solution which maintain the solid effect of a conventional brick or block wall and offer :

• Fire Rating > 2 hours
• Sound Insulation of 40 dB
• Thermal and acoustic insulation
• Light weight – 90% lighter than brick / block wall
• Speed – 20 times faster
• Space – 3 to 5 % additional
• Strength and Robustness – Severe Duty Panels.

These Wall Panels are sandwich panels made of Fiber Reinforced Aerated Cement Concrete and Everest Wall Boards. Their unique ‘Tongue and Groove’ Jointing System Facilitates rapid construction and maximizes space utilization.

These wall Panels have all intrinsic properties in terms of durability, Fire resistance, Thermal and acoustic Insulation. Relevant to any construction. Everest Solid Wall Panels epitomize an extremely speedy and elegant wall solution which is compatible with a host of surface finishing choices like paint, veneers, texture coating, wallpaper etc.

Panels & Accessories required for Fixing Everest Solid Wall Panels
1. Everest Solid Wall Panels
2. G.I.Top & Bottom Channel
3. Paper or Fiber Tape
4. Wood / Steel Screws with nylon sleeve
5. Jointing Compound
6. Sodium Silicate and Flyash paste for permanent Joint.

Specification for 50mm thick Everest Solid Wall Panel Partition.

Iron Steel tracks of 1mm thick and of size 12 x52 x 12mm as bottom track and 35x 52 x 35 mm as top track for fixing to the floor and top of the wall respectively including necessary material for erecting and fixing the wall panel (Joints to be staggered for height more than the maximum height of Solid Wall Panel).

50mm thick non asbestos Fiber reinforced aerated cement sandwich modules made out of light weight fiber reinforced aerated cement/concrete core composed of Portland cement, flyash, binders etc., and 4 – 5 mm thick non asbestos Fiber Cement Boards confirming to IS 14862-2000 and ISO:8336:1993(E) on either side of the core, having a tongue and groove on longitudinal side of the panels, are erected / installed using above framing.

Jointing & Finishing.
For Permanent and exterior Joints, the paste of sodium silicate and flyash to be applied at tongue and groove interlocking Joints. Exterior Joints are finished with Fiber Tape and Jointing Compound to give a Joint-less finish.

Specification for 75mm partition & 230mm wall available on request.

Prefab Structures
Pre-fabricated structures with Everest Wall Panels, Roofing, Ceiling, and Flooring solutions available on request.