Ceiling Systems

The basic functional requirements of suspended ceilings are,
1. They should be easy to construct, maintain and clean
2. So designed that adequate means of access is provided to the void space for the maintenance of the suspension system, Concealed Services and light fittings
3. Provide any required thermal/sound insulation
4. Provide any required acoustic control in terms of absorption and reverberations.
5. Provide if required structural fire protection to structural steel beams supporting a concrete floor and contain fire stop cavity barriers within the void at defined intervals.
6. Conform with the minimum requirements set out in Building Regulations governing the restriction of spread of flame over ceiling surfaces
7. Flexural design strength 8. Resistance to impact
8. Designed on a planning module preferably a 300mm dimensional coordinated system

False Ceiling Systems can broadly be classified in two types to choose from :

Jointless [Seamless] Ceiling System :Jointless suspended system ceiling allows customers to achieve a beautiful, homogeneous appearance and a smooth finish without visible joints. Curves, steps and other designer ceiling options can also be achieved in this system.

Benefits :
* Monolithic Appearance
* Suspension from concrete soffit surface.
* Ventilation ducts and other services accommodated in the plenum
* Easy to create bulk heads and change levels.
* Special load-bearing ceilings available.

Jointless [Seamless] Ceiling System

Modular [Grid] Ceiling Systems

The Modular ceiling system is a lightweight lay-in system available in concealed or exposed grid options. The ceiling has substantial sound reduction and absorption qualities. It is available in 2×2 and 2×4 Sizes and in various patterns, depending on the requirements of design, space and other facors. The Tiles offers a wide range of decorative effects with pre-finish options like smooth, textured, patterned or perforated.

Benefits :
* Offers a wide range of design and texture options.
* Acoustic Performance
* Lighting Effects
* Ease of Cleaning.

Modular [Grid] Ceiling System